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Lifestyle Hearing of Utah provides hearing solutions that are more powerful, precise and user-friendly than ever before. Our clinical audiologist John R. Pater expertise in this state-of-the art line of hearing aids ensures that his patients are receiving superior comfort, unmatched technology and the best-in-class features. 

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At Lifestyle Hearing of Utah John R. Pater works closely to diagnose your hearing loss and provide you with the best lifestyle solution. This unique process of better hearing begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Testing your hearing allows us to determine the level of your hearing loss and your ability to understand speech. Following the hearing test, we will meet with you to discuss the solution that's right for you.

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John Pater has been serving the Salt Lake City community since 1980, He has earned a reputation for treating his patients with the utmost skill, understanding and integrity. He works closely with his patients to provide them with the most advanced hearing technologies and a solution that will fit their unique lifestyle. Lifestyle Hearing of Utah can be trusted to provide user friendly hearing solutions. John's compassion, dedication, and commitment are evident to all who meet him. He says the favorite part of his job is "Helping people hear better and improving their quality of life. The gratification of helping someone hear is incomparable".

"If I'm not already your audiologist, I should be!!" -John Pater


Michael F. Tesch is the Patient Care Coordinator at Lifestyle Hearing of Utah. With 12 years of industry experience, Mike absolutely relates to people and is excited to meet every patient and find out how he can help. As a Hearing Aid wearer himself, he understands the everyday struggles and difficulties of hearing loss. When asked what the best part of wearing hearing aids is he answered that "being able to hear and understand his grandchildren is the greatest gift".


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Excellent care and prices. Mr. Pater is very good at what he does. This is the audiologist you want to go to.

-Eric K.

I was just plain sick about not understanding what my wife, family and friends were saying to me. With my hearing aids that I obtained from Lifestyle, I am understanding speech and able to stay connected to the people I love the most.

-Bob D.

The latest technology is everything Lifestyle Hearing said it would be. I am very satisfied with my decision to purchase my new hearing aids.

-Craig D.

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